Wednesday, February 2

The life we live...

So yes I have struggled to start blogging. I apologize but hey I am working on it OK. :) So lately we haven't been up to that much. Our week days are filled with school and work and our weekends are straight partying.

This last Friday night we just went to dinner with some friends and then came to our place and watched the movie Red. From what I saw before falling asleep, it was a pretty good movie. 

Saturday we woke up early to go up to Park city to go snowboarding with my brothers Brock, Morgan, and Skyler along with Cody Barker. Just the ride up to PC is an adventure with those boys. We all rocked out to Disney music for the whole ride up. It was a beautiful day. Perfect for snowboarding and it wasn't too crowded either. We were only there for a couple hours before having to leave home so that we could make it to Skyler and Brets indoor soccer game. Yes they play on a soccer team and every Saturday they have games. They are very entertaining. This last game was especially special. My dear Husband Bret was going down the field and beat the other teams guy to the ball. Well this really pissed him off so he grabbed Brets arm and tried to kick in the stomach then started swinging at him. Bret tried to back away but they guy kept coming so he swung at him too. The ref then broke it up and gave them both red card. Which means they both got kicked out of the game and the arena and we are still waiting to see for how long he is kicked out for. :) haha yes like I said very entertaining. 

That night was wife night out. :) The boys had a guys night and we had a girls night. Me, Shauna, McKell, Taylor, and Brienne went to La Jolla Groves for dinner. It was good food, but we waited forever to be seated and then after we ordered they didn't bring us our food for 1 1/2 hours. It was ridiculous, dinner took us 2 hours. Its a good thing that we are girls and love to talk. :) Then we went and made caramel apples. They were very yummy. We then returned to our men. When me Taylor and Brienne arrived at my place to get back with the boys, we walked through the door straight into a huge hallway made of blankets that lead to the couch and TV which was all within this huge fort. It was pretty sweet and yes my house is still a fort at this moment. I love being married to Bret who is an 8 year old boy stuck in a mans body.

We has also been going to my sisters cheer competitions on the weekends. They are so fun and my little girls are so stinkin cute I love watching them. 

My computer is being weird so I will have to add pictures later.

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Eric & Shayly said...

HAYLIE!!! I am so happy the you have a blog!!! YIPPY:)