Wednesday, August 24

August Craziness!!

YAHOO I AM DONE WITH NURSING SCHOOL!!!!! I have finally graduate from nursing school and I am so excited!! It was a long journey but I am so glad it is one that I took.

After I got all finished with school we headed down to AZ for a couple days to get away. It was very hot and a lot of fun as always. We spent a lot of time at the lake, did some shopping, and just hung out with friends and family.

This is Bret wake surfing with our Nephew Jackson!!
Me and baby Crew!!
Jackson on the boat

After we got back in town we had 2 different weddings to attend were Bret was a groomsmen in both. They both were wonderful weddings and we are so happy that we got to be apart of both of the special days :) Congratulations to Chase & Ashley and Justin & Kara. :)



My Husband is so Awesome!! He is the newest member of the Utah Hyperlite wakeboard team. He has worked so hard to get a sponsorship like this and I am so proud of him!! :) You can check it out of the link below!

Friday, August 19


We found out a couple weeks ago I just havent had the chance to post it. But We are having a...... BABY BOY!!! We are so excited!! He is going to be the cutest baby boy you have ever seen :)

Here is a picture of him at 16 weeks

This is a picture of him just last week at 21.5 weeks

We just love him so much already and can not wait to meet him!! Only 18 weeks to go!!


4th of July: We went to the stadium of fire this year. It was so much fun. Neither of us had ever been to it before and since Brad Paisley was performing at it I really wanted to go because I just love him. Along with that our 4th of July weekend was filled with lots of fireworks with friends and family.

We had a couple different wakeboard competitions that we went to in July also. One of which we traveled up to Idaho and bummed it for a night. Man that was an adventure and one that is not the best experience when you only got 3 hours of sleep the night before, woke up at 4am and then not to go to bed till 2am plus adding a pregnancy bladder on top of all that means 2 nights in a row of no sleep and wanting to die. haha It was an adventure though :) Let me just tell you though my husband is an Amazing wake boarder!!! He does awesome at every competition and I am so proud of him. Someday I am going to be as good as he is..... Ok probably not but he can teach our kids to be as sweet of wake boarder as he is. See video and pictures below.

We had a lot of weekend trips to Park City also. Once with Bret’s Family when they came in town to visit. Then we went up again the next weekend with my family. Both times were super fun trips from riding the Alpine slide and coaster to swimming and eating good food. We are always having fun no matter what we have going on.

Tuesday, June 28

April - June Update :)

Ok so here is the last couple months in a summary I blame nursing school for my blogging failures :) haha

April 1was my Daddy’s Birthday!! I love him so much he is such an awesome Dad and an Amazing man who can never say no to his little girl! He does so much for our family and I am so lucky to have him as my dad!
April 5 was little Heathers Birthday. She has always been one of my best friends ever since she was born and saved me from dealing with all the boys in our family alone. She is so stinkin cute and is going into high school this next year and doing high school cheer! She is adorable and I am so excited for her.
April 20 Kyles birthday!! Love this boy. Me and Kyle have always been close ever since we were little. We had to be friends because Skyler was so mean to everyone. haha He is a big teddy bear. Whichever girl ends up with him will honestly be the luckiest girl alive he treats girls like princesses. I love him.
May 4 Joseline!! She is a sassy little 4 years old! She is so bossy and too smart for her own good.. She is so adorable and says the funniest things. You can’t help but love her every time you see her. She can put a smile on anyone’s face. I wish I could just take her home with me.
May 21 Starlee girl! Star is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She couldn’t be rude to you if she wanted to. She is willing to do anything for you. She is going into Jr High this year and I am scared because she is beautiful so we are going to have to beat the boys away from her. Love her!!

Life update:
April-We had an awesome trip to St. George with my family. We went down to AZ for Bret’s brother Taylors homecoming! That was really fun and exciting to see him after 2 years. He was a bit weird at first like all missionaries are but came around pretty quickly. we are so excited to have him home.

May- I finished my 4th semester in nursing school! Me and Bret took a wonderful trip to Hawaii for a week when I had a break. It was so much fun. We just adventured where ever we wanted each day and ate a lot of yummy food all the time!!! I also started my 5th and final semester of nursing school!! YAHOO almost done. We also had our first baby appointment this month and got to see our baby! :) My husband almost died. Ok not almost died but his heart went all crazy and went into A-flutter (If you know what the means) His heart was beating at 120 beats per min while he was resting. They had to put him under and defibrillate his heart. So we hit the restart button on his heart. It was kinda scary but we are so glad everything turned out ok.

June- I have been crazy busy with school this month!! I mean I might go crazy! haha It is starting to calm down a little bit but not a lot. We got to go to Lake Powell with my family this month for a long weekend which was a nice much needed break from life. I have also been doing my Nursing preceptor at Utah Valley Regional Medical center on the telemetry floor and have been learning a ton which has been a great experience. I also had my 2nd Dr. Appointment and got to hear our Baby’s heartbeat and hear it kicking around in there. It was incredibly to finally get to hear my baby! I love our baby so much already! This last weekend Bret and Skyler had their first wakeboard comp this year and they both did awesome! YA good job boys!!

Life has been crazy but it will all be worth it in a little while. :)

Friday, June 24

Special Little Update :)

What does this Orange represent??
Its the same size as our BABY!!!!!
Yes it is true we are Pregnant!! We are so excited and can not wait for our little baby to come!! We are 14 weeks along today. Our Due date is December 23. I know Bret is going to be an awesome Daddy and I can not wait to be a Mommy. We love our baby so much already and cant wait to find what we are having. :) YAHOO!!!!

Friday, March 25

February and March Update!!

February was a CRAZY month!!! It started out real shitty.
On February 3rd my Grandpa Dickerson passed away at age 67. It was completely unexpected he had just gone snowmobiling 5 days prior. He died from instant cardiac death. He was an amazing man and is greatly missed. He was friends with everyone everywhere he went. He was one of the funniest people I knew and could always make you laugh. He also had a very strong testimony of the gospel and loved to share it. We love you Grandpa Dickerson!!
-February 3rd also was my mom’s birthday!! Ya crappy birthday for her! She is an amazing women and such a hard worker. She curses like a sailor and definitely has got some attitude, but it’s why you love her. Everything she does is for someone else, never for herself. She is such a great example to me and I hope one day I can be as great of a mom and person as she is!! I LOVE YOU MOM

-February 6th was Brets birthday!!YIPPY Skippy he’s so old :) haha He turned 24!! I love my Bret!! He is such a great husband and is a Haylie Pleaser, meaning he does anything he can do to make me happy. I don’t know how I got so lucky! He constantly is making me laugh, If you have ever hung out with him you know why. He is just a goof ball; I call him my child because he acts like a giddy excited kid all the time. You very rarely will see him not smiling. He also is an extremely hard work and very self-motivated. He as some wild ideas sometimes but if it’s something he really wants then he puts his mind to it and gets it done. Everyone deserves a Bret in their lives because he is just that awesome!! :) Because he is so awesome we had a birthday party for him at the Flowrider in Riverwoods, then dinner at Betos (his choice), then the boys played call of duty. It was a fun night and I hope he had a great birthday. (Pictures to come)

-The weekend of the 5th and 6th we went and stayed in Park City with Bret’s parents and Brock and Jamie and little Crew!! Saturday we went snowboarding at Park City. It was a freezing cold day. Sunday we work up to the place decorated for Bret’s birthday and went and visited Grandma Janet. That night we ordered food from the Loco Lizard and hung out and watched the super bowl! It was fun to get to have them all in town and hang out.  

-Valentine’s Day! I got heart attacked in our hallway by Bret with hearts saying why he loves me. Then later that day my car got attacked by balloons, candy, and other fun things. Later though it also got a surprise wash so I wouldn’t have to clean it all off. Bret also got me an hour massage!! Can’t wait to use it. We then went to Outback for dinner and hung out at home with each other. It was a wonderful Valentine’s Day 
-My brother Morgan also had his birthday on February 15th. He finally turned 16!! Watch out girls and everyone on the roads :) haha I love this boy he is a funny kid and isn’t so little anymore. He is one of my big little brothers.  Happy birthday Morgy!

-My mother in law had her birthday on the 17th of February!! She is a funny lady. And a great mother to her kids and is always willing to do anything to help out. We love her! Happy Birthday Kathy :)

-On February 18 we headed to Las Vegas for my little sister Heathers Cheer Nationals. They did awesome, except she had broken her foot and growth plate the weekend before at her level 10 gymnastics meet. She couldn’t tumble or do her jumps, but she still went out and did her stunts and dancing. We had a fun weekend down there going shopping watching the competition and we also went on the big shot on the top of the Stratosphere. It was so much fun; you lose your stomach so many times on that ride. We did it at night so we were looking over the whole city with all the lights, it was sweet. It was a nice long weekend get away!

-The next weekend was another adventure for us! Our friends Shauna and Derek invited us up to their cabin in Bear Lake to go snowmobiling for Derek’s birthday. The trip started off with us, Sky and Taylor, and Kelsey and Brienne heading up later then everyone else in the Escalade and pulling a trailer in the dark. Well we hit the worst snow storm ever!! We couldn’t see even 5 feet in front of us and you couldn’t tell where the road was because the snow made everything look the same. So we were going about 5mph and looking for the poles on the side of the road to now that we were on track. Then all of the sudden we were off the road and stuck in the snow with our car slightly tilted sideways J 2 cold hours later and $ to a tow truck we finally were on the road again and made it to bear lake at 3 am and then got stuck again in the drive way road up to the cabin :) the next 2 days we went snowmobiling and hung out. It was super fun. Until on Sunday the boys were climbing a hill with the sleds and coming back down another side of the hill. Yes Brets goes up and doesn’t come back down. I then see him on the side of the mountain at the top of a cliff with no sled. No matter how hard he leaned he could get the sled to steer away from the cliff so at the last second he bailed and sent the sled off a 15-20 foot cliff. Sky and the other boys rode up there and they all jumped off the cliff and started digging the sled out. Me and Taylor started hiking up the hill (definitely a workout in 3 ft of snow) so we could see if everything was alright. Lucky the sled was fine because it had landed in 4ft of fresh powder and no one was hurt. A fun, wild, and adventurous weekend!!! Thanks Shauna and Derek for inviting us 
-Happy Birthday Paige!! My little sister Paigey turned 9! She is such a crazy girl with so much energy!! Bret is her best friend!! They even have a secret hand shake and she loves when we come over so he can play with her. I love that spaz of a girl!!

-HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROCK! On March 7th was my Brother Brock’s birthday! He is seriously such a funny kid! I love that boy! Him and Morgan make you laugh every time you are with them and they say the darnest things. He is 18 now and will be graduating in May and then next year leaving on his mission! Crazy how old all my siblings are getting!! I hope his birthday was awesome! 

-The adventures never stop at our house! The next week, the first weekend in March we headed to AZ for 4 days as part of my spring break. It was great we went to the lake even though the water was really really cold! We went to the Ipic Theater. It’s a way nice movie theater!! We of course went shopping! AZ has the best shopping so it’s a must do every time we are down there. We made sure to eat at Bret’s all-time favorite restaurant Blanco. It’s always nice to have a fun weekend getaway to AZ and hang out with our family that’s down there.
-March 9 my brother Kyle came home from his mission. Last April he had surgery on his right shoulder rotators cuff before leaving on his mission. Then about 6 weeks before he came home he was playing basketball and his arm got pulled back and he tore his rotators cuff again and chipped the bone. The doctors said he needed surgery right away. So home he came to get surgery done on his shoulder again. He is doing awesome and the surgery went great! I love having him home! I had missed that boy! 
-As for everyday life, I am still in school and busy with test, homework, clinicals, and work. Bret is busy with work and school and gone this week on a business trip. Other than that we are just dandy and doing great!! This was a super long update and I am sorry if I have just completely bored you. I will try and be better!