Wednesday, August 24

August Craziness!!

YAHOO I AM DONE WITH NURSING SCHOOL!!!!! I have finally graduate from nursing school and I am so excited!! It was a long journey but I am so glad it is one that I took.

After I got all finished with school we headed down to AZ for a couple days to get away. It was very hot and a lot of fun as always. We spent a lot of time at the lake, did some shopping, and just hung out with friends and family.

This is Bret wake surfing with our Nephew Jackson!!
Me and baby Crew!!
Jackson on the boat

After we got back in town we had 2 different weddings to attend were Bret was a groomsmen in both. They both were wonderful weddings and we are so happy that we got to be apart of both of the special days :) Congratulations to Chase & Ashley and Justin & Kara. :)


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