Friday, May 11

Baby Cash!!

I know I am 5 months late, but I have just been slowly typing this. So for anyone who cares to hear Cash's birth story here it is. It is mostly for my own memory.

December 8, 2011
The day that changed my life forever in the best way possible. My sweet baby boy was finally born. He is the best baby you will ever meet. He is so content with whatever is going on and only crys if you are too slow at getting him his food and sometimes when he had to poop. We just love having him with us. He is my little buddy that loves to go every where with mom. :) Here is his birth story:
It was Wednesday night December 7th, when Bret headed to the gym and was just hanging out at my parents house. I was laying on my moms bed when I felt like I might of peed my pants. I went to the bathroom and more liquid came out. I called my mom in and we decided that my water had broken and that I should go into the hospital. So I call Bret but he doesn't answer, so I just send him a text that says my water broke we need to go to the hospital. He called me to see if I was joking or serious. haha I ensure him that this is no joke. It was kind of funny because he wasn't sure what to do he was like so should I come get you or meet you at the hospital or what? I was just laughing and was like no its ok just come get me and we can go together. He came and got me and we headed over. The whole way there though I had to keep tell him to slow down and reassure him that everything is fine we don't need to break every law to get to the hospital. When we got there they put us in a room and then our nurse came in a checked to see if it was for sure my water that broke, and it was and i was dilated to a 3. It was a change of shift right then so we got a new nurse that happened to be one of my friends from nursing school. It was fun to have one of my friends be my nurse. She was awesome too!! Now are friendship is on a whole different level after her constantly having to check and see how dilated I was haha. So she started my IV and went to call the doctor and order my epidural. The Dr then started me on pitocin an I got my epidural. They gave me a really big loading dose of the epidural and it made my heart rate drop to 70's over 30's and I was light headed and sick as can be and finally started to throw up which helped a bit. They finally were able to give me some medicine to counteract my epidural enough to bring my heart rate back up. I then did alright for a while and was able to just hang out and watch TV with Bret. But then the same thing happened again later in the night. It was so joyous :). I was actually able to fall asleep for about an hour. My wonderful nurse then came to check me again and to see how I was coming along. I was dilated to a 6. The Doctor came and checked me and put an internal monitor in me. And then the fun began. After he left my nurse came in to check me and had me switch positions and a couple times. She then left and got the charge nurse. They both came in and just stared at the monitor. They then decided to put me on oxygen. Since I went to nursing school and knew that she wouldn't have gotten the charge nurse unless something was wrong. I also knew enough about the monitors to know that they were watching Cash's heart. So I asked them what was going on with Cash is heart and how bad is it. They finally told me that his heart rate keeps dropping down to the 60's (normal is about 140). I got a little bit scared inside and tried to consume as much oxygen from my mask as I could for my baby, praying that he would be alright and that his heart rate would come back up. They went and called the doctor to come and check it out and also warned me that we would probably have to have a c-section if his heart rate didn't come up. My heart dropped, you go into the hospital to have your baby and expect everything to go just fine. I never thought that there would be any chance that I would have to have a c-section. I did everything they told me to do to try and bring his heart rate up. It actually started to come up and stay up for a couple minutes once the doctor got there. The doctor came and told me that if it stays up like this then we will be able to do a normal delivery. Not even a minute after he said that and left our room then he came back and said that he was sorry but Cash's heart rate just dropped back down again and isn't coming back up this time. He said it looks like its birthday time for this little guy and asked if I was ok with that. I obviously said yes lets get him out. I would do anything to make sure that he came out safely. They started to prep us to go back and I had Bret call my mom and tell her that we had to go back for an emergency c-section. She was so stressed about it that she got up and ran her 3 miles haha. Crazy lady. But they took up back and numbed me up even more. It was a crazy experience. I wish I could have watched as he cut me open and got Cash out. It was such an amazing feeling when at 2:45 am I finally heard that doctor say that he was out and then heard Cash start crying. I cant remember all of Bret's comments through the whole thing but he said some funny things. He was amazing and so supportive through the whole process. He kept saying how he felt like he was on Greys Anatomy haha love him. They then took Cash over to assess him and make sure all was ok. I sent Bret over to look at him and make sure everything was looking good. I couldn't help but cry because I was so happy and relived that it all went well. My anesthesiologist was so sweet and wiped my tears for me since my arms were strapped down. After making sure all was good with Cash they brought him over to me. I finally got to hold my sweet baby boy after waiting 9 long months!! His face was all squished up and he had the biggest cone head, but he was my baby boy and I was so happy to finally have him there with us. I only got to hold him for a min and then they took him away. Bret and Cash left to go to our room for Cash's first bath. They finished sewing me up and then wheeled me back to the room. It was weird to look down and not see a huge pregnant belly anymore. When I got to our room my parents were there with Bret and Cash. Cash was getting his bath still. I then started to shake uncontrollable. Almost like I was shivering. My teeth were chattering uncontrollable and I had about 5 blankets on me. It was so annoying. They said it was normal after having a c-section to shake like that. It felt like I was shaking for at least an hour. I finally got to hold Cash again and it was amazing. My shakes actually calmed down a lot once I got him in my arms. We didn't get into our new room till around 5:30 am but it was all worth it to finally have our baby boy!! I love him so much and can not imagine life with out him. I love being a mom and I wouldn't change it for anything. I don't even mind my c-section scar because is just means that my baby boy was able to arrive safely and I would do it all over again for him. Bret is an amazing dad. I love watching him play and care for Cash. He just adores that little boy and it just makes my heart melt every time he stares at Cash and says how lucky we are to have him in our life. I love my little family!!

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Tia said...

That was so sweet to read your birth story! Thanks for sharing it!