Tuesday, June 28

April - June Update :)

Ok so here is the last couple months in a summary I blame nursing school for my blogging failures :) haha

April 1was my Daddy’s Birthday!! I love him so much he is such an awesome Dad and an Amazing man who can never say no to his little girl! He does so much for our family and I am so lucky to have him as my dad!
April 5 was little Heathers Birthday. She has always been one of my best friends ever since she was born and saved me from dealing with all the boys in our family alone. She is so stinkin cute and is going into high school this next year and doing high school cheer! She is adorable and I am so excited for her.
April 20 Kyles birthday!! Love this boy. Me and Kyle have always been close ever since we were little. We had to be friends because Skyler was so mean to everyone. haha He is a big teddy bear. Whichever girl ends up with him will honestly be the luckiest girl alive he treats girls like princesses. I love him.
May 4 Joseline!! She is a sassy little 4 years old! She is so bossy and too smart for her own good.. She is so adorable and says the funniest things. You can’t help but love her every time you see her. She can put a smile on anyone’s face. I wish I could just take her home with me.
May 21 Starlee girl! Star is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She couldn’t be rude to you if she wanted to. She is willing to do anything for you. She is going into Jr High this year and I am scared because she is beautiful so we are going to have to beat the boys away from her. Love her!!

Life update:
April-We had an awesome trip to St. George with my family. We went down to AZ for Bret’s brother Taylors homecoming! That was really fun and exciting to see him after 2 years. He was a bit weird at first like all missionaries are but came around pretty quickly. we are so excited to have him home.

May- I finished my 4th semester in nursing school! Me and Bret took a wonderful trip to Hawaii for a week when I had a break. It was so much fun. We just adventured where ever we wanted each day and ate a lot of yummy food all the time!!! I also started my 5th and final semester of nursing school!! YAHOO almost done. We also had our first baby appointment this month and got to see our baby! :) My husband almost died. Ok not almost died but his heart went all crazy and went into A-flutter (If you know what the means) His heart was beating at 120 beats per min while he was resting. They had to put him under and defibrillate his heart. So we hit the restart button on his heart. It was kinda scary but we are so glad everything turned out ok.

June- I have been crazy busy with school this month!! I mean I might go crazy! haha It is starting to calm down a little bit but not a lot. We got to go to Lake Powell with my family this month for a long weekend which was a nice much needed break from life. I have also been doing my Nursing preceptor at Utah Valley Regional Medical center on the telemetry floor and have been learning a ton which has been a great experience. I also had my 2nd Dr. Appointment and got to hear our Baby’s heartbeat and hear it kicking around in there. It was incredibly to finally get to hear my baby! I love our baby so much already! This last weekend Bret and Skyler had their first wakeboard comp this year and they both did awesome! YA good job boys!!

Life has been crazy but it will all be worth it in a little while. :)

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